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What independence?;

Which independence are we talking about? Years ago, I’ve stopped recognizing the celebration of independence of this crap of a democratic and independent country. When we speak of independence, we have to be sure of one’s actual independence, like, let’s say, Mao Tse Tung’s era of ruling in China—that is pure independence and democracy. 

But, really, which independence are we talking about? Happy Independence Day of what? The Philippines? I’m not happy and we’re not independent, we never were. Independent in which way? Our government had been dictated by imperialists and how could you call that independent? Our government is leaning on bureaucratic capitalists for their funds and not on their own because of some historical bullshit reason why we have to borrow money and be in deep debt. Our culture had always been dictated by westerners, we never had freedom for independently cultured cultures. We are scavengers of the western craps. Independently scavenging? I say generic scavengers. We’re taught to beg for everything that we aren’t and we couldn’t have.

America declared the Philippines independent over a decade ago, but which independence are we talking about? The independence that they declared but controlled? It is like saying to a 5-year old kid that he is now independent, you get my point. Independent in which way? That we need guidance of “more advanced” governments so our own government could function on its own? God bless UN. God bless imperialism. God bless feudalism. That our land is basically a pseudo-state of USA, is that independence?

We have been pets of the imperialists and pets aren’t independent. We still are in need to fight for genuine freedom and social change. This pseudo-independence isn’t what we need. Genuine liberty is what we need. Genuine and national democracy is what we need. And what we need we have to struggle for.

(Un)Happy (Un)Independence Day, my fellow pets.

  1. abandonedmarionette said: This is very true. Exactly why I don’t like people parading our flags and all that during independence day.
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