little hell;

bribe. 23. 1102, qc. swiftie.
clinical psychology student, pup-manila.
awkward and decadent
irreligious/feeling buddhist
like everybody else, i breathe.

/REBLOGS/BLACK&WHITE/je t'aime, la mort/

best viewed under the influence of hard drugs.

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April 13.6, 2012: Featured Blogger of the day! 

Complete name: de Veas, Clarence Rae R. A.K.A Clarence Rae de Veas ng Anonas Quezon City A.K.A. Clarence Gwapo A.K.A. The Bribery A.K.A Peter North ng Pinas

Short Description: Short description unavailable. Too awesome; must describe Clarence’s overwhelming awesomeness in long-form literature.

Hometown: Anonas Town, Quezon City Town, Philippinetown

School: OSY Institute

Course: Out of School Youth

Member of TP since: forever

Blogging since: forever

Previous URLs (if any): officialkimpoyfeliciano, anonpilipino

Why do you do blogging?: Because.

Twitter account: you are already following me, I’m famous.

Facebook account: I don’t know you, don’t add me. 

Tumblr Account: you are already following me, I’m famous

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