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shunyown said: Penge

si xao pa lang yung kumanta eh wala pa kaming demo talaga para lang pampraktis kasi baka wala si jonel sa ibang gig

Anonymous asked: clarence rae the vagina destroyer

Destroy matriarch! 

i’ve been listening to our new song for an hour now ok

Anonymous asked: ahh yun po pala un hihi. thank you kuya bribe! opo minsan lang naman namin ginagawa un and I feel respected naman, he doesn't force me to do things na puro sex lang hehe. thank you for not judging me po :)

Good. :) Nobody deserves to be judged if you don’t do bad to other people. And nobody should judge if you are not thoroughly objective about it and if you don’t think it will be constructive at all. 

Anonymous asked: Just want to ask ur opinion. My ex bf ako 3yrs ago nun ngbreak kmi pro mnsan ngkikita pa din kmi to have sex. my ibang guys n nanligaw pro wla ko sinagot kasi un ex ko lng gusto ko ka sex, my problem ba sa akin kasi di ko magawang mag commit sa iba?

Meron kasi masyado ka pa rin nagkiclinch sa past mo. Let go and walk forward. Give yourself a chance.

Anonymous asked: nakaw clarence rae de veas, kinikilig sa APRIL na month. hay nako. kilig na kilig.




so on the bus this morning

we stop at a red light and this lady gets off

she goes about half a block down, and then we saw her freeze and run after the bus


I love the use of the word entire as in she could have just left the leg of the baby but no she left the whole baby

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Anonymous asked: ano pong ibig sabihin nung "It’s fun to share those kinds of moments with your partner pero don’t forget the point of you being in a relationship with him"? medyo di ko po kasi nagets ung point hehe.

I mean hindi sa sex (and similar activities) dapat umiikot ang relasyon. Relationship is beyond that. You have to share your life together. Share stories, gain experiences, find time together among many other things. Grow up together, ‘wag take off your clothes together. Char.

Anonymous asked: What do you think about girls with inverted nipples? Lalo sa sex? Weird ba yun?

Nope. What you have is perfectly normal and NATURAL!!!

Anonymous asked: What if the person asking you about your opinion on sex is only 12 years old? Will you advice her to go and do it?

That question is invalid. Most of the queries have the senders’ ages on it, may it be true or not, I trust the information they give me because that’s where I work on. Also, I always say that if you’re young, do not do it. I don’t always say go ahead have sex. You’re reading ahead of the answers that I give. But will I say that the 12-year old should have sex? Of course not. But repressed urges are not good most of the time. That is the time where kids start to undergo a stage where they are curious about sex. Should they try it? No. Will they actually stop themselves from trying it? That’s the part we don’t know. All I know is that these kids should not be misled about what sex is and how they should do it. If they’re going to do it anyway (no matter how old or young you are) you should at least know how to deal with sex and its dynamics and how you can be safe (plus na lang ‘yung how you can make it pleasurable). Age is not of matter here most of the time. But when it comes to extreme ages of 12 and below, there are, of course, proper advice to them. 

Anonymous asked: Do guys care about the girl's "KAMOT" when having sex ?? may kamot ako sa puson at pwet. . bka nkkhiya sa jowa ko pag nagsex kmi .. hehehehe

I don’t. ‘Di ko alam sa iba. :))

Anonymous asked: hi kuya, I just want to share something and then I want to know your opinion. I have a boyfriend, hindi kami nagsesex kasi ayoko. Nag-gigigilan lang kami ganun. Di ko na pagagandahin ung term pero parang sa the way na ginagawa namin, parang nagkakaskasan kami, ganun. With clothes on. Minsan sa sobrang gigil, napapalabas ko sya, ung white thing. Puro ganun lang. Ung upper part ko lang nahahawakan nya pero ako minsan I do masturbate him. No oral sex din. Ano po tingin nyo sa mga ganun?

Dry humping ang tawag diyan. Walang mali diyan. If you think na it’s working for you, sige lang. Pero ‘wag niyo lang paikutin sa ganyan ‘yung relasyon niyo. It’s fun to share those kinds of moments with your partner pero don’t forget the point of you being in a relationship with him. :)



idk what’s more of a turn off: when girls wear beanies or when they tie their hair up with a bandana like a maid

idk what’s more of a turn off: when guys think their personal preference should dictate a female’s choice of clothing or when they act like we should care

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*gets down on one knee* will u…stop talking

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can we skip this whole “college” thing and go straight and go to the part where i have a really awesome job and spend all my time traveling?

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